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1901 Sunrise St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103


Business Overview

A personal assistance and concierge company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, The Betty Brigade provides moving coordination, home staging, organizing, event planning, pet care, errands – virtually anything busy people need done but have no time to do themselves.

Having founded the company in 2003, owner and president Sharon McRill moved the growing company into a new office in 2011, doubling her former space.  In 2010, sales were up 35%, and staff increased by three.  In 2011, the growing company moved to a larger headquarters and added two more staff members, bringing the total to 12.

In the past year, McRill has established a communications department, a safety/OSHA-compliant division and a regular staff training regimen.  Current personnel include professionals in organizing, home project management and staging.  The Betty Brigade’s corporate and personal client list has grown, and plans are underway to franchise the business nationwide.


Sustainable Business Practices

The Betty Brigade, a personal assistance/concierge company, focuses on reusing and recycling both in their office and in the field with clients. While conducting administrative duties, they encourage staff to use the back side of printed material for note taking or scratch paper, they recycle printer ink cartridges, their lighting is low energy fluorescent bulbs and they donate shredded paper to the Humane Society for use as pet litter. While in the field servicing clients, they recycle plastic grocery bags for pet pick up, take items to the recycle center and reuse center when cleaning out/organizing clients basements or homes and encourage their clients to recycle as well. They will take clients gently used items to various charities of their choice or work with consignment businesses or auction services for resale. They also reuse cardboard moving boxes when they assist with moves and recycle them when they are no longer usable.



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