Benquin Business Systems

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Benquin Business Systems

3990 Calgary Ct.
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Business Overview

Benquin Business Systems provides used, refurbished and new computer equipment, phone systems and office equipment; while offering IT support services such as, on site computer repair, networking and troubleshooting.  They service all types of business from small, high-tech start-ups to government entities.  

Sustainable Business Practices

Benquin Business Systems specializes in recycling and remarketing of used computer equipment, telephone systems and other office related equipment from other businesses. They will purchase used equipment from companies that may be otherwise disposed of in the landfill. Once refurbished, recycled equipment is then turned around and provided at low cost to start up businesses who need inexpensive equipment to get their businesses started. All Waste Knot partnership contents are prioritized and achieved at Benquin Business Systems.


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