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450 S. Wagner Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103


Business Overview & Sustainable Practices

Barr Engineering Company provides engineering, environmental and information technology services to clients across the nation and around the world. Barr Engineering strives to reduce, reuse and recycle the materials used in producing written reports and other deliverables - the primary products of the firm. They have issued a written document stating the company's commitment to the environment. Last year they added a new in-house program, which includes a community recycle box in the lunchroom for items that can not be recycled by Mr. Rubbish. Each week an employee takes the items home to be recycled by the city of Ann Arbor. The company has reduced the paper and energy costs of distributing memos and other written information to employees through use of electronic mail and the Barr Information System, an intranet website used to share company information. Not only are office paper, newspaper, cans, glass and cardboard recycled, but Barr Engineering also recycles all of their old computers and monitors. They have included a dishwasher in the lunchroom of their newly remodeled office, encouraging employees to use reusable cups and silverware. However, they don't stop there. Barr Engineering helps to close the recycling loop by using recycled paper and soy-based ink in marketing materials and reports to clients.


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