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109 Catherine St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104


Business Overview

Babel Linguistics is a full-range language service provider with a global reach. Since 2000 this translation and editorial group has covered all areas of the linguistic industry, from technical and literary translation and simultaneous interpretation to website and software localization, voice-over recordings, film subtitling, and certified translation of documents. Babel Linguistics helps clients communicate strategically across cultures and expand into foreign markets. This expert collaboration enables other businesses to deliver brands and documentation, web sites, marketing media, and training and e-learning content in dozens of foreign languages and locations.

Sustainable Business Practices

Babel Linguistics offers several editorial and language services including translation, interpretation, language instruction, and proofreading. This work is a great saving to the environment since it is mostly done electronically. Most files are computer-transmitted and this business has a strategy for paper reduction. Babel strives to bridge the language barrier by assisting individuals, families, publishers and companies with any services concerning communication in foreign languages, cultures, and markets. Committed to peace, diversity, and the environment, it is not a surprise that Babel shows their commitment to waste reduction in their business operations. Babel Linguistics has issued a written statement declaring their commitment to waste reduction. Paper waste is reduced through extensive use of electronic communication, 99% of their text deliveries are done electronically, and other methods like double-sided printing and paperless invoicing are utilized. Several materials are reused to reduce waste such as folders, kitchenware, envelopes, toner cartridges, boxes, packing material, binders, clips, and paper. Marketing materials and publications are printed on recycled content paper. Babel Linguistics is also committed to energy reduction. They practice simple, yet effective energy saving tactics such as turning lights out and turning down the heat, and replacing old fluorescent fixtures.


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