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5777 Hines Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Business Overview

Enzo Life Sciences, formerly Assay Designs, founded in 1992, provides quality, rapid, and easy-to-use products for the worldwide biomedical, pharmaceutical and scientific research communities to "Simplify Your Science?".

Our rapidly expanding product line includes kits and materials for the detection and quantification of molecules that are important in cell regulation, signal transduction, inflammation, oxidative processes and apoptosis. Assay Designs develops, produces and markets CORRELATE and TITERZYME immunoassay kits, detection kits, FLASHLIGHT and BIOLIGHT luminescent compounds, antibodies and miscellaneous compounds. Providing unsurpassed precision and reproducibility, Assay Designs offers a broad range of eicosanoid kits and human and mouse cytokine kits and the world's only non-radioactive COX activity kit.
In addition, a wide selection of related antigen and antibody products are available to meet your specific research needs. Assay Designs also offers contract manufacturing and custom design products for specialized research needs.


Sustainable Business Practices

The company follows a very rigorous waste reduction program that includes a color-coded bin system for different recyclables as well as an employee-driven method of removing these items from the building. Assay Designs also reduces waste through using double-sided printing, e-mail and web-based documents. They are also working on installing hand driers in order to reduce paper towel waste. A variety of other materials are reused including office supplies, packing materials, toner cartridges and kitchen utensils. Through this program, Enzo Life Sciences has been able to decrease the amount of garbage they produce. Their commitment to recycling continues on into their purchasing practices as well. A variety of recycled-content office supplies, including paper, envelopes, file folders, letterhead, business cards, towels, cardboard boxes and garbage bags, are bought by the organization. They have produced educational materials for employees regarding the waste reduction program and strive to keep everyone interested and excited about participation through e-mail updates.


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