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1440 Plymouth Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48105


Business Overview & Sustainable Practices

Arbor Springs Water has been a part of the Ann Arbor Community since, providing bottled water and cooler service throughout Southeast Michigan. The companys primary product is bottled water, sold in 5 gallon Lexan and PET plastic bottles. These bottles can be cleaned and reused up to 100 times. When the bottles chip or break, they are sent for recycling. Arbor Springs Water created a special bottle cutter that cuts the bottles in half, allowing them to send the same amount of bottles to the recycler in fewer truckloads. Fewer truckloads of bottles means less gasoline consumed, less air emissions, and less wear and tear on the roads. The company has recently installed a chipper to even further enhance this recycling. Along with its comprehensive bottle recycling program, the company does its accounting on-line, reducing paperwork by 50 percent. They also close the recycling loop by purchasing office furniture that has been remanufactured by a local rebuilder. Arbor Springs Water Company recently started using a reverse osmosis water treatment unit, which is eliminating the use of sodium hydroxide and muriatic acid. This will make their cleansing process considerably less toxic leading to a cleaner environment and a safer work place. 50% of Arbor Springs delivery trucks are now diesels as the company replaces gas vehicles. The increase in mileage per gallon is almost 100%. Arbor Springs Water has written a formal statement of their practices and has designated one employee to oversee waste reduction. In addition, they save energy by using fluorescent bulbs and ENERGY STAR rated office equipment, they place external lights on timers and use night setbacks when the building is unoccupied.



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