Ann Arbor Learning Community

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AA Learning Community

3980 Research Park Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI 48108


School Overview

Ann Arbor Learning Community is a public charter school enrolling students in kindergarten through grade eight. The school offers: Progressive, project-based education recognizing students' multiple learning styles, intimate class sizes of twenty students, and multi-grade classrooms. The schools student-centered program results in learning rates at nearly double the national average.


Sustainable Practices

Ann Arbor Learning Community (AALC) is a public charter school that enrolls students in grades K thru 8. AALC deserves recognition because of its efforts to develop waste reduction and recycling behaviors amongst students and staff. Some of the items recycled at the school are paper, glass, wood debris, computers, printer cartridges, and cardboard. AALC also highlights its recycling practices on the schools website for parents and prospective students. In addition to its recycling initiatives, AALC also promotes pesticide-free gardening. Students who plant and harvest fruits and vegetables in the schools garden also incorporate the garden into science, math, and creative writing activities. Students, school staff and parents volunteers actively use outdoor compost bins while maintaining the school's garden and yard. Students and staff compost food waste in worm bins inside the school.


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