Amcor PET Packaging

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10521 M-52
Manchester, MI


Business Overview

Amcor is a company that employees approx. 210 employees in the city of Manchester .
Amcor sets its core values around being sustainable and good stewards of the environment.
In Manchester we are the North American headquarters as well as the R&D center for the development of new P.E.T. plastic containers. This includes all design and testing of a wide variety of consumer products.


Sustainable Practices

Amcor packaging is a participating in many areas of recycling and sustainability.
These recycling practices include the following: aerosol cans, aluminum, banding, batteries, clear plastic, coffee grounds/filters, copper, corrugated boxes, corrugated tier sheets, electric boards, electric devices, glass, labels, magazines, newspapers, oil rags, paper, plastic bags, plastic bottles, printer cartridges, steel, iron, stretch wrap, waste oil and wood (including pallets).
Amcor Manchester has installed Dyson air hand dryers to reduce waste as well as carbon footprint due to these dryers do not use heaters in there unit. (This should reduce waste to land fill by 25,000 lbs per year. 50 lbs per restroom x2 x5 days per week x50 weeks ) Amcor has a data reporting system in place to track environmental impact throughout the Corp. As of Jan 1, 2009, we reduced our landfill by over 50% in a six-month period.  Amcor Manchester has replaced all of the roofing to a white reflective membrane to reduce the amount of electricity required to cool the building in the summer months.


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