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1831 Traver Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Organization Overview

Natural Area Preservation (NAP) works to protect and restore Ann Arbor's natural areas and foster an environmental ethic among its citizens. This involves conducting plant and animal inventories, ecological monitoring, and a variety of stewardship projects in Ann Arbor parks. These tasks are performed by both staff and volunteers. One third of NAP's field work is done by volunteers, so community involvement is vital to the success of our conservation efforts. NAP projects take volunteers well beyond the realm of litter clean-up into broader areas of concern, such as maintaining biodiversity and restoring damaged ecosystems. Through the combination of hands-on involvement and scientific understanding, we hope to encourage and support a connection between individual volunteers and their surrounding natural environment. By sharing this experience with friends and neighbors, volunteers also play an important role in fostering an environmental ethic in the community.


Sustainable Practices

The Natural Area Preservation, located on the grounds of the Ann Arbor City Leslie Science Center continues to make significant impacts on in-house recycling and provides many educational opportunities to the general public. An on site Naturalist is available daily to provide education and expertise on our natural world. Energy improvements to the property include the installation of programmable thermostats, blow in insulation, fluorescent lighting coupled with energy saving office devices. Water demand / use has also been significantly decreased with the utilization of three Compost Toilets. Most all of the grey water generated on site is recaptured and used on site in planting beds. Solar Energy is also used in the Nature House for water heat and electricity use.


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