AA Center for Natural Healing

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Ann Arbor Center for Natural Healing

2433 Oak Valley Dr.
Suite 100B
Ann Arbor, MI


Business Overview

The Ann Arbor Center for Natural Healing is dedicated to a paradigm of health and wellness through the application of protocols that encourage our patients to explore and benefit from a journey back to things natural, unprocessed and non-toxic. Michelle Clemens, one of the co-owners, handles the office management and is a massage therapist who is an expert at various types of therapeutic massage which promote a realignment of the musculo-skeletal system through the release of physical stress and trauma and chemical toxicity stored throughout the muscles and connective tissues of the body. Dr. Mark Perlmutter utilizes a range of hands-on chiropractic adjusting techniques, including low-force, instrument and traditional adjustments to eliminate interference to the nervous system which prevents the expression of maximum health. Dr. Perlmutter is also a certified master in Nutrition Response Testing, a system of identifying and correcting nutritional deficiencies caused by environmental toxins, processed food products and a lifetime of misinformation and misunderstanding about food and nutrition. Nutrition Response Testing uses organic whole food, herbal and homeopathic supplements to restore balance and assist the body to gently and safely shed toxins such as heavy metals and chemicals that suppress the immune system and result in illness, allergies and a greatly diminished quality of life.

Sustainable Practices

In the clinic, we promote the health and the healing of our environment in several ways. We recycle paper and glass and use two-sided printing whenever possible. We purchase recycled copy paper. We clean our office using environmentally-friendly cleaners and and bagless vacuum. We also use cotton-face covers for our adjustment tables and ceramic mugs for our clients who enjoy our herbal tea. We provide a lending library stocked with magazines and books previously read by the owners or donated by our clients for everyone to borrow and enjoy. The supplements we sell, as much as possible, come in recycled packaging. Most importantly, we educate our patients to purchase foods that are healthy and natural and help to sustain and support our environment, both physically and economically by supporting local farmers and food producers who respect our world and leave the smallest carbon-footprints possible. Our mission is to promote the health and wellness of the individual, the family and the community in a nurturing and healing environment for this generation and the generations to come.


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