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The news and information world is changing and MLive Media Group is leading the revolution to provide great local news coverage to all our audiences in Michigan – at their doorsteps, online and via mobile platforms. Our company’s philosophy is one of innovation and community engagement, measuring our shared success by that of our employees, advertisers, local communities and business partners alike. 

MLive Media Group has the #1 news and information site in Michigan. We cover all of Michigan and boast eight award-winning newspapers across the state. Our award winning journalists live and work in the communities they cover. We cover the local news, sports, entertainment and politics that tell the story of Michigan, for our local newspapers and


Sustainable Business Practices

The Ann Arbor News has had a Recycling Committee since 1989 which set up an in-house recycling program to help employees recycle paper, cardboard, containers, batteries and cell phones. Additionally, at their Production Facility they are recycling newsprint, aluminum and scrap metal. The Recycling Committee is also proud to sponsor a 2 mile stretch of highway through the Michigan Department of Transportation's Adopt-a-Highway Program, and is responsible for the planting of flowers and trees around both the main office and printing facility. They had their vending company modify the vending machines to accept reusable mugs to save on paper cups used in the coffee machines. The Ann Arbor News uses soy-based ink and 25-50% recycled newsprint paper stock, in addition to using environmentally friendly chemicals in their platemaking room to further reduce their environmental impact. From their recycling efforts they have enjoyed substantial cost savings. For instance, through better sorting procedures that keep recyclable material out of the garbage they have cut their monthly garbage compactor pulls down from 4 times per month to 1 in 2005, a savings of $18,900 per year. They also work to keep reusable materials out of the waste stream, like their skids and newsprint end rolls that are made available to the public at no charge. In an effort to increase participation in office paper recycling they have streamlined their system incorporating individual under the desk paper recycling bins to go along with the waste baskets. They are proud to note a marked increase in the amount of recycled office paper saved from landfills by making participation so easy.


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