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PO Box 1352
Ann Arbor, MI 48106


Organization Overview

The Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, the Original is a small non-profit community arts organization whose purpose is to connect artists and their art with an appreciative audience. The Ann Arbor Street Art Fair is the Original of the four award-winning Ann Arbor Art Fairs, which together attract over 500.000 attendees from across the world. The Original fair has received many accolades including the Number One Art Fair in the country (October 2004) and a Top Ten Art Fair (October 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008) by the readers of AmericanStyle Magazine.


Sustainable Practices

For the 2008 fair, The Original fair launched a "Zero Waste" pilot program, with the aim of increasing recycling, reuse and composting, thus reducing needless waste. The Zero Waste program was a great success in its first year, having collected a total of 17,325 lbs, or 8.67 tons, of recycling. (A total of 26,816 lbs, or 13 tons, were collected through the entire A2 Art Fairs.) A total of 68% of the total recyclables were collected by only 1/6 of the total event area in the first year of the pilot Zero Waste program. There was a 41% dumpster content reduction, which diverted 7 tons from the landfill, a 41% landfill diversion rate. In 2009, The Original fair plans to continue their Zero Waste endeavors by introducing compostable disposables, reducing/eliminating plastics and Styrofoam, creating a bulk water system and a compost system. For complete details, please view The Ann Arbor Street Art Fair's Zero Waste Presentation.

As part of their two year move towards becoming a completely Zero Waste event, the Original fair's Art Workshops raised environmental awareness through interactive visual art projects led by forward thinking local artists. The workshops focused on using natural found objects, reused and repurposed materials and environmentally friendly art supplies. In 2008, local artist Margaret Parker led a workshop on making sculpture out of cutting up and weaving old t-shirts, Jan Wiley of Vintage Window Art demonstrated how to build a home green house out of old windows, and Ypsilanti artist Laura Tew showed fairgoers how to make DIY art canvases out of natural and sustainable materials. Also, the 2008 Imagination Station provided free make and take activities for younger children and their families. In keeping with their Zero Waste goals, the activities utilized reused materials and encouraged interaction with the natural environment. Projects included recycled tube rain sticks, milk carton birdhouses, recycled paper bag hats, and bottle cap necklaces.

Additionally, The Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, the Original, hopes to participate in a Community Public Art Project: Sky River. With help from Townie Street Party and Street Art Fair participants, Leslie Sobel will be constructing a large scale representation of the Huron River by attaching blue, white and green plastic bottle caps to repurposed snow fencing. The final piece will then be installed on the top of the Maynard Street Parking Structure for the public to enjoy.


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