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Biodiesel PumpWith concerns of increasing fuel costs, greenhouse gas emissions, and energy security, individuals and businesses are taking a closer look at alternatives to fossil fuels for fueling vehicles. Biodiesel is one alternative that can help address such concerns.

  • EERE Alternative Fuels & Advanced Vehicles
    This U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) site provides general overviews of what biodiesel is, how it is made, the benefits, plus lots of data and publications.
  • BioDiesel Michigan
    Oakland University developed and maintains this site, which explains how to make biodiesel, converting to biodiesel, legislative updates and forums.
  • Biodiesel Fact Sheet-EERE
    The EERE fact sheet explains how biodiesel performs, availability, emissions data and similar consumer information.
  • Biodiesel Station Locator
    Where to find biodiesel fueling stations in and around Washtenaw County, and the country.
  • Dream Farm
    This Webster Township resident, in addition to offering tours of his solar hot water and photovoltaic system, boasts a "Veggie Car" which runs on vegetable oil.
  • Biodiesel Hazmat Incident
    2006 report of a fire associated with homemade biodiesel production.
  • Potential Biodiesel Hazards
    2008 report of Salem Township Fire Department's encounter with residential biodiesel production.

  Those who produce homemade biodiesel should be aware of the substantial risk for injury. Substances used in biodiesel production can be highly explosive (i.e., methanol) or corrosive (i.e., sodium hydroxide). If improperly handled, these substances can cause severe eye, skin, and upper respiratory irritation; chemical burns; and other serious injuries. Materials presented above are for informational purposes only, and Washtenaw County accepts no responsibility for actions based on the information contained within this site.

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