Pollution Prevention Program

The Washtenaw County Pollution Prevention Program is responsible for inspecting facilities that store, manufacture, or use hazardous, toxic, or polluting materials. Inspectors ensure that facilities utilize and dispose of hazardous materials properly, thereby preventing environmental contamination. This program operates in accordance with the Washtenaw County Pollution Prevention Regulation.


*Please note that this is an Adobe Acrobat "smart form." You can type information into the form, then print it out and mail or fax it to our office. However, you will NOT be able to save an electronic copy of anything you type on the form, so please keep a paper copy of the completed report for your records.

Illegal Dumping in Washtenaw County:

Helpful Links:

  • Maine Department of Environmental Protection's Bureau of Remediation and Waste Management - Sample spill control plans, as well as other helpful information and downloads
  • MDEQ - Pollution Prevention Program - The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality provides assistance to businesses, institutions and the public to improve the environment and save money by adopting the three "R's" reduce, reuse and recycle. Known also as pollution prevention, this is a non-regulatory assistance program that provides information, technical assistance and financial incentives to reduce pollution.
  • Pollution Emergency Alerting System (PEAS) Information - In case of environmental emergency affecting AIR, LAND, or WATER,call 1-800-292-4706 (in Michigan). The PEAS hotline should be used to report environmental pollution emergencies such as tanker accidents, pipeline breaks, and releases of reportable quantities of hazardous substances as required.
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