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FOG - Fats, Oils and Grease

FOG - Fats, Oils, and GreaseWhen food service providers improperly dispose of fats, oils and grease, byproducts may end up in wastewater treatment plants and stormwater systems. FOG buildup in pipes can become as hard as concrete and may completely block pipes, resulting in back-ups of raw sewage and/or flooding.

Fats, Oils and Grease: Recycling and Disposal

What to do about FOG? - Brochure for Food Service Providers

FOG Facts

  • FOG clogs are caused when fats, oils or greases are dumped down the sewer lines. Once there, they can harden along pipe walls.
  • FOG pollution is also caused when FOG from leaking or overfilled recycling containers leaks or is hosed into storm drains.
  • Clogs can result in sewage overflow, health hazards, and environmental problems like water pollution. 
  • Over 75% of sanitary sewer systems are working at 50% capacity due to FOG clogs. 
  • FOG clogs cost the United States an extra $25 billion tax dollars a year.
  • You can save money with the proper use of a grease trap/interceptor or a disposal service. Sewer repair fees and cleanup costs can be much greater than a hauler's service fees.

Local Grease Haulers

Are you looking for a better way to recycle or dispose of your fats, oils and grease?  Here are some local hauler and recycling companies that may be able to help:

Allen Environmental, Inc.
43656 Laurelwood Dr.
Canton, MI 48187
(734) 981-9219

37620 Hills Tech Dr.
Farmington Hills, MI 48331
(248) 524-3897

Danny's Drain Cleaning
3745 Blaine St.
Detroit, MI 48201
(313) 529-7075

Darling International
3350 Greenfield
Melvindale, MI 48122
(313) 928-7400

Evergreen Grease Services
7382 Three Street
Adrian, MI 79221

Grease Traps Line Efficiency and Maintenance
4535 Delemer Boulevard
Royal Oak, MI 48073
(248) 541-9470

Kelly's Rendering Service
1679 Michigan Boulevard
Lincoln Park, MI 48146

Please note:  This list is provided for reference only; Washtenaw County does not endorse any of these companies, nor does it warrant the quality of work performed.


For More Information:

Washtenaw County Office of the Water Resources Commissioner
Community Partners for Clean Streams Program
(734) 222-6833

Washtenaw County Environmental Health Division
(734) 222-3800

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