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Critical Incident Stress Program

There are 2 teams in Washtenaw County. CISM is utilized by first responders (the people whose job is to respond on traumatic incidents on a regular basis), TERN is utilized by the general public (neighborhoods, work places, etc). Both teams use CISM principles to respond on traumatic events.

What is CISM?

CISM is a multi-component crisis preparedness and intervention program

CISM is not:

Therapy, a tactical review or a disciplinary tool

What is Critical Incident Stress?

Critical Incident Stress is defined as the reaction of a person or group to a critical incident

What is a critical incident?

A Critical Incident is an event that has the potential to overwhelm the individual’s usual coping mechanisms resulting in psychological stress and impairment of normal adaptive functioning.

When is the team called?

After an event when you notice that someone or a group of people are having ‘normal reactions to abnormal events’.  In other words, if it appears that this event was particularly stressful it may be time to call.

Is there a cost?

No – CISM and TERN services are provided free of charge.   Debriefers are volunteers.

How can I contact the team to ask for a response?

Call Washtenaw Metro Dispatch at 734-994-2911 and request a CISM or TERN response.  They will contact the on call person and have them call you back.

For additional information, click here to email Anne Daws-Lazar

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