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Lyndon Township Pipeline Rupture

At approximately 11:00PM on May 4, 2015 a 20" natural gas pipeline ruptured in Lyndon Township.





Monday May 4, 2015 at 23:00 EDT Consumers Energy 20" high pressure natural gas pipeline South of South Lake Road West of Westview Road (Northeast corner of North Territorial and M-52) Lyndon Township

Reportee heard a loud boom then a sustained loud roar coming from the woods.

Immediate Response Actions:
EOC confirmed presence of a high-pressure natural gas pipeline operated by Consumers Energy in the immediate vicinity.

Responding Agencies:
Chelsea Fire, HVA, MSP, WCHMT.

No evacuation required; immediate area was unpopulated. Traffic flow, however, was curtailed. Command Post established at the Lyndon Township Hall. Consumers Energy management responded to the command post. EOC personnel placed on stand-by. State EOC advised. County Administrator advised. District Commissioner advised. PEAS and NRC advised.

Progress Report:
The sound of rushing gas disappeared at 00:50 as the line pressure was shut-down at control point. Consumers heavy repair crews from Kalamazoo arrived at 01:02. Rupture located at 01:12, approximately 1/8 mile south of South Lake Road along pipeline right-of-way. There was a 65 foot crater surrounding pipeline point of rupture. The line was completely sheared away. Vicinity was checked for the presence of flammable gasses. All gasses were dissipated into atmosphere and no fire or explosion risks were detected. The Command Post was terminated at 01:33 as Consumers Energy continued repairs.


Lyndon Twp Pipeline

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