Washtenaw County Outdoor Warning Siren System

June 2014 Washtenaw County Siren Location Map

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Purposes for Activation - Except for scheduled testing, these sirens will be activated when significant severe weather has been detected (a tornado or a severe thunderstorm with damaging winds confirmed to be in excess of 70 MPH); when a hazardous materials accident occurs that requires immediate protective action by the public, or for other critical events such homeland security emergencies.

Coordination with the Emergency Alert System - Except for routine siren tests, official Emergency Alert System messages will be generated by the Emergency Management Division, National Weather Service, or other authorized state or federal agency, and disseminated to the electronic media each time the sirens are activated.

Recommended Public Response Activated sirens are an indication that members of the public should immediately go indoors and listen to local Emergency Alert System radio stations for official information. Washtenaw County's emergency stations are:

WEMU 89.1 FM
WWWW 102.9 FM
WQKL 107.1 FM
WTKA 1050 AM
WLBY 1290 AM

Scheduled Testing All Washtenaw County operated sirens will be tested at 12:00 Noon on the first Saturday of every month from March through October. If severe weather is possible on the afternoon of a test, it may be delayed until the following month.

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