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Washtenaw County Enhanced 9-1-1 Plan
Washtenaw County's current Enhanced 9-1-1 Plan with 2016 Appendix Updates
Outdoor Warning Siren Map 2017
Image of Outdoor Warning Siren Map for 2017
Outdoor Warning Siren Map 2017
Lyndon Twp Pipeline Rupture
Report on May 4, 2015 pipeline rupture
Lyndon Twp Pipeline Rupture
Lyndon Township Pipeline Rupture
At approximately 11:00PM on May 4, 2015 a 20" natural gas pipeline ruptured in Lyndon Township.
CISM & TERN Training
Washtenaw County 9-1-1 Plan
Washtenaw County 9-1-1 Plan
Freedom Township EF1 Tornado
In the early morning hours of June 22, 2015, a severe storm approached from the northwest bringing 60 MPH winds and an EF1 tornado.
EF1 Survey Summary June 22, 2015
National Weather Service Survey Summary
EF1 Doppler Radial Velocity June 22, 2015
EF1 Tornado Damage Image 2
Home damage
EF1 Tornado Damage Image 1
Home Damage
Tornado Watch - June 22, 2015
National Weather Service Tornado Watch #338
Risk Assessment and Hazard Ranking
2017 RACES Requirements
Winter Storms
Boards and Committees
Washtenaw County 9-1-1 Plan - 2012 Update
Washtenaw County 9-1-1 Plan - Oct 2012 Update
Hazardous Materials Response Team Authority Board
Dexter Tornado on March 15, 2012
Dexter Tornado on March 15, 2012
Dexter Tornado on March 15, 2012
Dexter Tornado on March 15, 2012.doc
EOC Timeline
NWS Tornado Analysis
Damage Assessment
Tornado Pic8
Tornado Pic7
Tornado Pic6
Tornado Home Damage
Tornado Pic5
Funnel Cloud Picture
Tornado Pic4
Dexter Tornado Damage Path Map
Tornado Pic3
Dexter Tornado Radar Velocity
Tornado Pic2
Dexter Tornado Radar Image
Tornado Pic1
Dexter Tornado Information
Volunteer Services Agreement
2012 Volunteer Services Agreement
WCSO ESD Identifcation Request form 2012
ID reqeust form for ESD
Washtenaw County RACES Membership
Heat Awareness
Heat awareness and helpful information
Homeland Security Task Force
EMD Staff Weather Links
Past Emergency Events
Family Preparedness
Washtenaw County Outdoor Warning Siren System
Dispatch Co-Location Project
The referbished co-location facility at Ann Arbor.
Emergency Services Division
Emergency Medical Services Commission
911 Management
Hours and Holidays
Homeland Securty Threat Level
Wallcloud Photo - May 5, 2003
Washtenaw County Emergency Operations Center
HazMat at Platt and Mich Ave
Radar Image from NOAA Port
Powerline Damage1
Powerline Damage2
Radar Image of Hook Echo
Washtenaw County Outdoor Warning Siren Coverage
Washtenaw County Outdoor Warning Siren Coverage
Washtenaw County Outdoor Warning Siren Coverage Map
Radar Image of Squall line 05212004
Beach Middle School Map
EOC Communications Center
Hail on Deck. Photo by Washtenaw County
Hail with Snow Shovel. Photo by Washtenaw County
Emergency Operations Center
Six Power Poles Blown Down. Photo by Washtenaw County
Map to Saline Middle School
Tree fallen over Rail Road Tracks. Photo by Washtenaw County
Wall Cloud. Photo by Cyndi Kahlbaum
Windchill Chart
Winter Storm Preparedness Course
Extreme Heat Brochure
Lightning Safety Awareness Week
Medical Reserve Corps
Michigan Citizens Corp Program Grant
NOAA Weather Radio
Past Emergency Events
Past Emergency Events
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