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Person Centered Planning

A Person Centered Plan (PCP) is a plan developed by the consumer, their family, friends, and other supports to establish goals for the year, determine skills and knowledge necessary to work towards the desired outcomes, and identify practical steps to achievement of the goals.

Person Centered Planning maximizes independence, creates community connections, and works towards achieving ones dreams, goals, and desires. Creating/utilizing natural supports and community connections is essential in Person Centered Planning. The development of these support networks allows the individual to feel more connected to the community, provides them with more resources than the traditional system can, and promotes a sense of belonging. In the development of the persons plan, all of the people who are important to the individual should be at the table and fully participating.

According to the Michigan Mental Health Code, all individuals have the right to have their individual plan of service developed through a person-centered process regardless of their age, disability, or residential setting.

You should talk with your case manager or supports coordinator about assisting you with getting a Person Centered Plan set up.
If you don't currently have a cse manager but have questions or are otherwise interested in the process, please contact Customer Service at 1-877-779-9707

Learn more about Independent Facilitation and Self Determination and how they relate to the Person Centered Planning process. (Adobe Reader required)

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