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Vocational Services

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Vocational Services embraces the mission of Washtenaw County CSTS promoting quality of life, providing with dignity and respect, community-based mental health services for individuals in Washtenaw County. We have provided vocational programming for over 30 years with long-term employment maintained by many individuals.

Vocational services are provided in small group, supervised settings (enclaves), or in individual supported employment in various settings including major retail stores, restaurants, and exercise facilities. The hours are flexible to support those in individual supported employment.

Services provided within supported employment include:

  • Initial Vocational Assessment & Planning: Competent and well qualified staff are available to provide assessment and planning services to insure that job preferences are identified.  Discussion of impact of working on benefits.
  • Job Development: Includes assistance with the application process and other pre employment requirements.
  • Assistance with orientation for employment: Job coaches and other supports help to insure that the person and job are a good fit.
  • Assistance with identification of transportation arrangements to and from work: A variety of transportation methods may be utilized, including the public bus system, door-to-door cab service. Employment specialist will assist with problem solving transportation, bus routes, etc.
  • Job Coaching: Involvement with on the job training; assistance with understanding job expectations; on-site coaching consultation and on-going coaching and support; reporting on an individual's progress; assistance with development of job modifications to maximize success; support for development of appropriate relationships at work and other social needs.

For more information:

Contact Debbie Owen at (734) 222-3488


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