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Developmental Disabilities

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To Access CSTS services, call (734) 544-3050 or 1-800-440-7548.

Services are provided in a range of settings and at varying levels of intensity based upon individual needs.

Services Summary

Standard Services
  • Supports Coordination: Coordination or access to a range of supports and services; ensures provision of Person Centered Planning (PCP) process of all persons served.
  • Clinical Services: Based on the needs of the individual, the unit provides Nursing, Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Speech, Dietary and Counseling services as indicated in the PCP.
  • Psychiatric Services: Psychiatric Services are offered for clients who need it.
Specialized Services

*Community Outreach, Education, Prevention, and Consultation including:

  • Development of housing alternatives for persons with disabilities: Access to generic community housing and participation in the development of non-profit housing alternatives; assistance in relocation of persons from institutional to congregate settings into their own homes.
  • Development of employment access for persons with developmental disability: General education and development of community access as well as individual job development. Services also include promotion of access to opportunities for meaningful community participation.
  • Outreach to consumers and families: Outreach, education and support to families with a new family member with a disability, connections with families and young adults in preparation for graduation/transition, as well as outreach to aging parents providing supports to an adult family member with disability.
  • Community education and outreach: Informational activities to the general community regarding person with developmental disabilities with an emphasis on the meaningful contributions all persons bring to the community.

*Assistive Technology

  • Adaptive Equipment and supplies: Devices, supplies or appliances not covered under the Qualified Health Plan or other insurance. This includes equipment which provides or enhances mobility, communication and control of the environmental and may be critical component in assuring health and safety.
  • Environmental Modifications: Physical adaptations to the living environment, vehicle, or work environment to increase independence, control, access and health and safety.

*The Washtenaw Association for Community Advocacy (WACA) advocates on behalf of persons with developmental disabilities, ensures full access and participation in community life, personal choice in education, employment and community living. Call (734) 662-1256 for more information about their services.

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