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Southeast Michigan Dual Recovery Speakers' Bureau

For more information, or to schedule a speaking event,
contact Steve Wiland at (734) 544-6741


Dual Recovery is sometimes described as a state of remission from co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders.

Dual Recovery is commonly viewed as ongoing abstinence from alcohol and drugs, along with ongoing stability of symptoms of one or more mental or emotional disorder. Many pathways to recovery exist, and recovery can be assisted by any number of recovery tools that are found to be useful on an individual basis.

An emerging definition of Dual Recovery goes beyond mere substance abstinence and symptom stability to include re-engagement with as full a life as possible, across all of lifes domains. These include not only the mental and emotional, but also the physical, social, spiritual, vocational, educational, etc. in any and all ways that bring meaning and purpose to an individuals life.


The Southeast Michigan Dual Recovery Speakers Bureau is a group of men and women who are in Dual Recovery, and who have made themselves available to tell their recovery stories to interested groups. They share their personal messages of experience, strength, and hope in the battle against the co-occurring disorders of mental illness and chemical dependency.

Speakers may be in recovery from a mood, thought, and/or personality disorder, as well as being in recovery from addiction to alcohol and/or other drugs.

The Speakers Bureau includes individuals from Lenawee, Livingston, Monroe, and Washtenaw counties. In scheduling speaking events, efforts are made to match one or more speakers to the interests of the target audience that is requesting a speaker appearance. So far our audiences have included groups of students, friends/family members, mental health and/or substance abuse professionals, consumers in recovery, and other consumers who have not yet have found recovery for themselves.

Speakers from the Southeast Michigan Dual Recovery Speakers Bureau have shared their messages of Dual Recovery at various events, including community educational lectures, Multi-Family Psychoeducation groups, Mental Health Month gatherings, and the annual Spring conference of the Michigan Association of Community Mental Health Boards (MACMHB).


Unfortunately, due to funding this program was discontinued in 2008 until further notice. Please check back for details as we hope to have the program up and running again soon. 

Together we can continue to raise awareness, educate our communities, and carry the message of Dual Recovery to those who may still struggle!

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Southeast Michigan Dual Recovery Speakers Bureau

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