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Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Services at CSTS

Co-occurring Disorders is a term that refers to any person with both a mental health disorder and substance use disorder. You might also hear the terms "dual diagnosis" or "comorbidity" used.  CSTS follows nationally recognized models of integrated treatment for co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders, and provides individuals with outpatient treatment at the level of intensity needed to promote lasting sobriety and stability. Using the skills and experience of staff with expertise in treatment of both mental illness and addictive disorders, clients are provided with a combination of services individualized to best meet each persons unique dual recovery needs. Research-based strategies are used as part of CSTS commitment to providing effective treatment of the highest possible quality.


  • Orientation, Assessment and individualized treatment planning using the Person-Centered Planning philosophy and process
  • Weekly Education Lecture Series for clients, family members, and other interested or involved persons
  • Individual Counseling as available and indicated
  • Several Treatment Groups available each week, with focus and location individualized to best meet each persons treatment needs, including:

o Dual Recovery Skills Groups

o Dual Recovery Process Groups

o Dual Recovery Trauma Resolution Groups

o Dual Recovery Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT-S) Groups

  • Skilled Case Management and Crisis Intervention services, including referrals to needed resources, and consultation with other professionals in areas of special need, including:

o Washtenaw Health Plan or other health insurances for which the individual is eligible

o HIV / STD testing

o Community-based Dual Recovery Anonymous and other peer-led meetings, including Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous groups


CSTS consumers are able to receive many of their core services at the CSTS site nearest to where they live, and where they may already be receiving outpatient mental health services Primary service sites include:

  • YpsilantiHuman Services Center, 555 Towner
  • Ann ArborHuman Services Center, 2140 E. Ellsworth
  • CSTS / Huron Valley Child Guidance Center, 2940 Ellsworth, Ypsilanti

Additional service sites for CSTS co-occurring treatment include:

o St. AndrewsEpiscopalian Church, 306 N. Division Street, Ann Arbor
o Fresh Start Clubhouse, 2021 S State St., Ann Arbor
o CountyAnnex Building, 110 N. Fourth Avenue

The variety of available groups offered by CSTS allows for individualized treatment planning that is most workable for clients, with 13 facilitated treatment groups   offered each week at various locations.

Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Services at CSTS

Education Lecture Series

Adult Dual Recovery Services
 in Washtenaw County 

Southeast Michigan Dual Recovery Speakers Bureau

Additional Community Resources for Substance Abuse Issues

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