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Internship Opportunities

Washtenaw County Community Supports & Treatment Services (WCCSTS) offers Social Work internships which provide an outstanding opportunity to develop clinical skills and to contribute to systems change through advocacy and community organization strategies.

 WCCSTS provides community based clinical services to children and adults affected by developmental disability or mental illness and co-occurring substance use, and is interested in community partnerships that improve the lives of consumers. This administrative placement offers opportunities to participate in policy development, evaluation of programs, and develop skills in the management of human services. As we continue to implement new programs and revise treatment strategies to evidence based best practices, there are many opportunities to tailor an internship to the interests of the student.

If you are a student interested in pursuing an internship with Washtenaw County Community Support & Treatment Services, please email answers to the following questions for consideration.


1.    Name, phone number, and email.

2.    Can you provide documentation of your school affiliation (instructor information, etc.)?

3.    Your area of study, degree, or credentials?

4.    What areas interest you? (adult mental health; developmental disabilities; youth and family; older adult needs; co-occurring disorders (substance abuse with at least one other aforementioned groups))

5.    Are you okay working in any other area outside of your interest?

6.    How many hours do you need to complete your internship? Within a certain timeframe (spring/summer only? a full year?)

7.    What’s your availability? (we need your start date;  the schedules are worked out at the program level)


Your information will be forwarded to our leadership team and you will be contacted if placement is available.

Please remember we only accept unpaid interns and completion of the questionnaire does not guarantee a placement but helps with finding a place that works well for the student and the staff.


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