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Medications Training Registration information

Pointers and Schedule for  July - September 2017 and October - December 2017

The July 11/13 medications training class will be a peanut-controlled environment. Click here to see the details of this announcement and instructions for anyone planning to attend class on July 11/13.

Important Points to Remember-

-About Registrations

  • Effective January 1, 2017, registrations are no longer required. Attendees should arrive early enough to queue for onsite sign in.

-About the training

  • All classes are held at the Washtenaw County LRC, 4135 Washtenaw Ave., Ann Arbor, MI
  • Students must bring picture ID (driver’s license, state ID, valid work ID, or passport) to each session. ID will be verified onsite.
  • Staff must have a valid certificate to attend the Medication Refresher Session (not more than 13 months old). If certificate is older than that, they must attend the full course.
  • If a class has more than one session or part then students must attend all sessions or parts of the training.
  • Students should be prepared with class reading materials. (Download the materials) (updated, 4/17)
  • Additional helpful materials:

See the Most Current version(s) of the training schedule (July -September 2017) (October - December 2017)

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