Met Tower Data and Reports

Final Study Report

By Sections/Attachments

Year End Wind Data Report - Sections 1 - 5 (417 KB)

Attachment 1 - Wind Turbine Brochures (2.5 MB)

Attachment 2 - Graphical Representation of Ten-Minute Average Wind Data (1.4 MB)

Attachment 3 - Wind Rose Data (2.2 MB)

Attachment 4 - Turbine Power Curves and Preliminary Expected Energy Report (732 KB)

Addendum - 30m Wind Data Summary/Small Wind Economic Analysis/Small Wind Turbine Information (3.4 MB)

Entire Report

Year End Wind Report (12.3 MB)

Monthly Met Tower Data

Washtenaw County is providing all data collected to help stimulate and encourage Wind Turbine development. Measurements are being taken at 80 M (258 ft, exactly), 70 m, 60 m and 50 m. 

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