Local Historic Districts

A Local Historic District is an entity that protects the integrity of a historic resource or group of resources.

In 1970, the state of Michigan passed the Local Historic Districts Act, PA 169, which safeguards a community's heritage by allowing local governments to adopt an ordinance that contains design review guidelines based on national standards. A Historic District Commission is selected to implement the ordinance, and provide support to each resource. The Washtenaw County Historic District Commission (WCHDC) oversees thirteen Local Historic Districts, including one room schoolhouses, historic homes, farmsteads, and more. For a printable guide to Washtenaw County's historic districts, visit our Jauntful page for a shareable map of resources.  

Conant_Farm_barn.jpgEsek_Pray_House.jpgPopkins_School_2008.jpgGordon Hall 5 Nov 2010 003.jpgDelhiNW.JPGMilton_Kittie_Geer_House.jpg

        Conant Farm                      Esek Pray House                    Geer School                    Gordon Hall                  Delhi Bridge                     Geer House


Local Historic District Designation

The Washtenaw County Historic District Commission is always accepting applications for potential Local Historic Districts. For more information, browse the Local Historic District Tool Kit and contact Melissa Milton-Pung at miltonpungm@ewashtenaw.org or 734-544-2954.


Washtenaw County Historical MarkersL.C.Allen Marker

In some cases, historic sites do not fit the critera for a historic district, but still hold historic siginficance.  In these cases, a historic marker could commemorate the history of the site.  The Washtenaw County Historic District Commission oversees the establishment of Historic Markers throughout the County.  Markers designate sites, buildings, structures and objects of historical, architectural, archeological or cultural significance.  If you are interested in a historic marker, please see the Guidelines for Historic Markers and contact Melissa Milton-Pung at miltonpungm@ewashtenaw.org or 734-544-2954.       

We are currently mapping Washtenaw County’s historic markers, and need your help.  When you see a marker, please upload a picture at its location to the Washtenaw County Historic Markers CrowdMap.  We would love to see pictures of you and your family visiting Washtenaw County’s historic sites!


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