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Orientation Title

To become successfully enrolled in the JET program, you must attend the JET orientation in its entirety on or before the last day to attend listed on your DHS referral letter.  Orientation will include:

  • Review of the JET program policies/requirements
  • Completion of the Family Automated Sufficiency Tool (FAST)
  • Completion of the Individual Service Strategy (ISS)
  • Completion of the Information Release Form
  • Acknowledgement of receipt for the Participant Handbook

Orientation is held every Monday from 9am—3pm with a 30 minute lunch.  If Monday is a holiday, the orientation will be held on Tuesday at the same time.  Due to the short lunch break participants are encouraged to bring a lunch.

JET Orientation is held at the following location:

Michigan Works! Harriet Street Center
304 Harriet Street
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Participation Title

The primary focus of the JET program is to assist participants with their movement toward financial independence.  This is accomplished through actual employment, life-skills instruction, training/education, and/or other employment related activities.

Success in the JET program requires participation in assigned activities.  These activities will provide practical application of job search techniques, as well as valuable information that will enhance your job search. 

The Department of Human Services (DHS) requires your participation to remain eligible for cash assistance.  You are expected to complete all assigned activities and meet all program requirements.



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