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JET Welcome Title 2

Welcome to the Washtenaw County Michigan Works! Jobs, Education & Training (JET) program.  As a participant in JET you will work closely with a career coach to define and reach your employment goals. 

You should view the JET program as your first step on the journey to a successful future.  We encourage you to approach each day with positivity and dedication.  Your motivation will determine your success!

We look forward to getting to know you and hope that your participation in the JET program will be rewarding.

Goal of JET Title 2

The goal of Washtenaw County’s JET program is to provide you with the support and guidance necessary to gain full-time employment that capitalizes on your strengths and positions you for long-term success.

This program was designed to assist you in establishing and/or maintaining a connection to the labor market.  JET offers job readiness activities that increase your employability, as well as educational and training opportunities for participants who need additional skills to reach their employment goals.

Our program is structured in a way that fosters community and provides support.  The staff is committed to providing superior customer service and creating an environment where you can learn and thrive.  We want to help you find the right job that allows you to be independent and support your family.


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