FAET Program Orientation

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Orientation Title

The process to enroll in the FAET program, you must attend the FAET orientation held on Monday starting at 9:30AM.  If Monday is a holiday, the orientation will be held on Tuesday at the same time. 

Orientation includes:

●  Review of the FAET program requirements/guidelines

●  Completion of the Individual Service Strategy (ISS)

●  Completion of the Information Release Forms

●  Acknowledgement of receipt of guidelines and expectations

●  Basic Testing?????


FAET Orientation is held at the following location:


Michigan Works! Harriet Street Center
304 Harriet Street
Ypsilanti, MI 48197


Participation Title

The major focus of the FAET program is to prepare the participant to move into unsubsidized employment and become self-reliant.  To accomplish this, the program has a series of workshops, topics include life-skills, career assessments, assist with Michigan Talent Bank (MTB) resume and MTB utilization for job search, cover letter assistance, creating a portfolio, practice interview questions, networking, instruction on how to job search in a competitive job market, daily job leads and much more.




"Thank you very much.  I think this program will help anyone what is searching for a job".



"I was really taken back by the amount of attention and detail given to me by the staff.  I truly got the sense that they cared about the class and the hopeful success I would have when completed."



"Should have this program for students who are transitioning from grade school to the workforce".



This was an exceptional workshop and I couldn't have asked for a more competent, knowledgeable and dedicated instructor.  Not only do I feel much further along in my job search but my confidence level and hopefulness has improved significantly.



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