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*Discontinued-Act 88 Local Economies Economic Development Grants

The Act 88 program as been discontinued for calendar year 2017 and on

The Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners has identified building our local economy as a high policy priority and mechanism to strategically and meaningfully impact the community. Local economic development goals include local business expansion and job creation; an economy with less reliance on larger, non-local corporations for job formation; and an increase in local wealth where local spending on products and services flows to local businesses rather than flowing out of the region to national and international corporations.

To foster local economy growth, the County has allocated funding for grants to eligible not for profit entities to assist in delivering products, services and research that promotes the growth and development of our local economy.

The County is interested in receiving proposals implementing or leading to the following products or services:

    • Increase the Trade in the Products of the County or the State
        • Increasing company growth
        • Increasing sales of local products
        • Increasing local capital
    • Encourage Immigration and Tourism
        • Agricultural, industrial, eco and heritage tourism
        • Attracting foreign companies
        • Attracting out of state residents
    • Advertise the Agricultural and Industrial Advantages of the County or the State
        • Fairs and events
        • Trade missions

Additionally, two priority focus areas have been identified for 2016:

    • Local food system growth
    • Job/wealth growth in economically challenged communities

There are several types of projects that the committee has avoided recommending for funding in previous cycles:

    • Proposals that do not comport with the Act's purpose
    • Proposals that are not focused on economic development (e.g. human services and workforce development projects)
    • Major capital improvements
    • Memberships
    • Projects that inure to a single private company
    • Community events that do not target out of county participants
    • Projects without measurable outcomes
    • Overlapping work with existing County programs
    • RFPs submitted through a non-profit where the proposal does not further the mission of that non-profit

Act 88 Funding is no longer available:

  • Request for Proposals for $10,000 or more - this grant program has been discontinued
  • Minigrants for up to $10,000 - applications are no longer accepted

The Economic Development Coordinating Committee reviewed and recommended funding of all grants. Follow the link for more information on the membership, meeting schedule and materials.

Previously funded projects and deliverables are available as well.

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