Plans, Reports & Data


Washtenaw Urban County 2014 Action Plan

Washtenaw County Economic Vitality Report

2014 Income & Affordable Housing Limits v2


Housing Program Guidelines for the Washtenaw Urban County

2012 Washtenaw County CAPER

2013 - 2017 Consolidated Plan and 2013 Action Plan

2013 Income & Affordable Housing Limits v6.pdf

Non-profit Economic Investment Report

The 25% Shift: The Economic Benefits of Food Localization for Washtenaw County and Ypsilanti & The Capital Required to Realize Them

Community Capital Opportunity Assessment: Exploring the Methods for Aggregating and Disseminating Community Capital in Washtenaw County to Spur Diversified Economic Development

Washtenaw County's Locally Owned Small Business and Entrepreneurship Opportunities: Assessing Local Economic Development Opportunities for Non-Venture Capital Funded Entrepreneurship, with a Spotlight on Cooperative Business Models.

Draft Seeds for Change Tenant Incubator Kitchen Business Plan


2011 Washtenaw County CAPER

2012-13 Workforce Development Strategy

HUD Annual Plan FY 2012-2013


Community Development Plans & Reports

  • HUD family income levels
  • Impediments to Fair Housing
  • Human Service Collaborative Plan

Non-profit Economic Investment Report

Regional Workforce Development Strategic Plan

City of Ypsilanti - South of Michigan Avenue Community Needs Assessment


Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

HUD Community Planning Grant

Neighborhood Stabilization Plan


Re-imaging Washtenaw Aveneue

Ann Arbor Region Success Strategy

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