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Plans, Reports & Data



2016 Income Limits & Affordable Housing Limits (HUD)

OCED 2015 Annual Report

Food System Economic Development Overview


Washtenaw Opportunity Index

Housing Affordability and Economic Equity - Analysis

OCED 2013-2014 Annual Report

Connecting to Opportunity: Region 9 Report on Transportation, Jobseeking and Economic Development (Full Report)

Chamber Impact Event - 2015 Economic Inequality Data Presentation (MJ Callan)


    Housing Program Guidelines for the Washtenaw Urban County

    2014 Affordable Housing & Income Limits v. 3

    Local Procurement Policy Report and Recommendations

    An Assessment of the Potential to Expand Agricultural Production, Processing, and Distribution in Washtenaw and Surrounding Communities

    Washtenaw Urban County 2014 Action Plan

    Washtenaw County Economic Vitality Report


    2012 Washtenaw County CAPER

    2013 - 2017 Consolidated Plan and 2013 Action Plan

    2013 Income & Affordable Housing Limits v6.pdf

    Non-profit Economic Investment Report

    The 25% Shift: The Economic Benefits of Food Localization for Washtenaw County and Ypsilanti & The Capital Required to Realize Them

    Community Capital Opportunity Assessment: Exploring the Methods for Aggregating and Disseminating Community Capital in Washtenaw County to Spur Diversified Economic Development

    Washtenaw County's Locally Owned Small Business and Entrepreneurship Opportunities: Assessing Local Economic Development Opportunities for Non-Venture Capital Funded Entrepreneurship, with a Spotlight on Cooperative Business Models.

    Draft Seeds for Change Tenant Incubator Kitchen Business Plan


    2011 Washtenaw County CAPER

    2012-13 Workforce Development Strategy

    HUD Annual Plan FY 2012-2013


    Community Development Plans & Reports

    • HUD family income levels
    • Impediments to Fair Housing
    • Human Service Collaborative Plan

    Non-profit Economic Investment Report

    Regional Workforce Development Strategic Plan

    City of Ypsilanti - South of Michigan Avenue Community Needs Assessment


    Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

    HUD Community Planning Grant

    Neighborhood Stabilization Plan


    Re-imaging Washtenaw Aveneue

    Ann Arbor Region Success Strategy

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