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HMIS New User Resources

UPDATED: New Staff Training Registration Process


During last week’s MSHMIS Systems Administrators meeting, MCAH unveiled some significant changes to the training structure on its website. The paper quizzes are no longer available; instead all training questionnaires must be completed-electronically-through the MCAH website.  In addition to saving trees, this change will provide immediate questionnaire results.  Once users have completed the podcast and passed the accompanying questionnaire, a training certificate can be downloaded and sent to both the Agency and HMIS System Administrator.

 In addition to completing the training podcasts and questionnaires on the website, End-Users, Agency Administrators, and Executive Directors should complete the User, Policy, Responsibility, and Code of Ethics electronically as well (through the website). Users will need to create a user account on the MCAH website, before gaining access to the trainings and related materials.  

 In an effort to acclimate users to the this new structure, MCAH created a very brief website overview podcast. The podcast is available once an account has been created through the MCAH website. Additionally, I created a brief MCAH training website job aid.


New User Training & Registration Process

ALL forms must be submitted to Mercedes Brown, Washtenaw County HMIS System Administrator, via email at  ( or via fax at 734-259-3074

Submission of Registration and Training Materials:

At least one week prior to the training, the HMIS Agency Administrator (HMIS AA) must submit all required registration materials  and certification documents to the Washtenaw County HMIS System Administrator (WC HMIS SA) via email at

ServicePoint Access Timeframe:

Once all applicable registration and certification documents are received by the WC HMIS SA, the new end-user will be granted access to the ServicePoint Systems software within 24 to 48 business hours. Any issues experienced by the end-user in accessing the ServicePoint software should be communicated to the WC HMIS SA promptly.


Training and Registration Related Task

                    Staff Responsible
Submit the new-user training registration form to the HMIS System Administrator (HMIS SA)


Form : Updated WC ServicePoint Training Registration Form

Agency Administrator  

Complete the Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness (MCAH) training website registration process


 New End-User

 Watch the MCAH Privacy and Confidentiality Training Podcast

Available through the MCAH website (after registration)

 New End-User

 Complete the MCAH Privacy and Confidentiality Training Questionnaire

Available through the MCAH website (after registration)

 New End-User

 Download and submit the MCAH training certificate to the HMIS Agency Administrator

New End-User

 Submit the MCAH training certificate to the WC HMIS SA

 HMIS Agency Administrator

 Attend the local new-end user training with WC HMIS SA

 New End-User

 Complete and Submit the New User Checklist to the WC HMIS SA 

Form: New User Checklist

HMIS Agency Administrator & New End-User


 HMIS/Service Point New User Training

Contact the HMIS System Administrator to register new staff for training.                                                                                                                                                                              
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