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Washtenaw County CoC Board is the lead decision-making body of the Washtenaw County CoC comprised of up to 25 member representatives. Click below to learn more.

Membership of the CoC Board

Terms of Office

Leadership of the CoC Board

Board Responsibilities

CoC Board Selection

Board Members

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 Membership of the CoC Board

 The Washtenaw County CoC Board is the lead decision-making body of the Washtenaw County CoC comprised of up to 25 member representatives. Agencies and community representatives have been selected to form a robust group of mainstream service providers whose agencies impact and are impacted by homelessness, those with access to critical resources, and those who bring homelessness and housing expertise. This Board make-up will provide the CoC with the guidance and influence needed to effectively implement policies, strategies and activities toward ending homelessness.

 Terms of Office

 The members of the Washtenaw County CoC Board shall serve two-year terms.   

 Leadership of the CoC Board

 The Washtenaw County CoC Board shall have two co-chairpersons and a secretary, selected into leadership by the CoC Board members annually by a majority vote. These officers shall serve as the CoC Executive Committee. Co-chairs and secretary serve one-year terms.

 Board Responsibilities

  •  Attend regular monthly meetings and contribute to informed dialogue on actions the group undertakes
  • Serve on at least one committee of the Washtenaw County CoC Board
  • Provide overall direction and leadership of the CoC process
  • Provide strategic planning, goal-setting, and formal decision making on behalf of the CoC
  • Establish, monitor, and evaluate system and program outcomes for evaluation purposes
  • Establish priorities for and making decisions about the allocation of CoC resources
  • Receive reports and recommendations from sub-committees and task groups
  • Establish sub-committees and task groups as needed to perform CoC functions
  • Provide official communications from the CoC, including advocacy and public education efforts.

CoC Board Selection

 All voting members gain membership to the Board through an appointment process defined as follows:

  • DHS, CSTS, OCED, WHA, Public Health, Substance Abuse Coordinating Agency, Washtenaw County Sheriff or Ann Arbor Police, Washtenaw County Board Chair, City of Ann Arbor, and city/district/township will assign its representative(s) to the Board.
  • Homeless/previously homeless individuals, CoC nonfunded agencies, local businesses/merchants, Homeless and Housing service providers, representatives from the faith community,  the private funder representative, and at-large organizations are nominated by the CoC and selected by the CoC Board by the following process: (a) Any individual or organization interested in serving on the CoC board shall be nominated, either by self-nomination or through nomination by another person; these nominations may be submitted up to the day of the CoC meeting; (b) the CoC board shall select board members from each category by a vote of the appointed CoC members.

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Board Members

Currently/Formerly Homeless Representatives


Homeless Or Housing Program Representatives

Katie Doyle, Executive Director Of Ozone House (Board Executive Committee Co-Chair)

Ellen R. Schulmeister, Executive Director Of Shelter Association Of Washtenaw County

CoC Nonfunded Agency Representative

TBD- Contact Laura Urteaga-Fuentes if interested.

Local Business/Merchant Representative

Susan Pollay, Ann Arbor Development Authority

Faith Community Representative

Wendy Hatem, Board President of Religious Action for Affordable Housing (RAAH)

Private Funder Representative

Neel Hajra, COO & VP for Community Investment of the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation

At-Large Representatives 

Zachary Fosler, Director of Ypsilanti Housing Commission

Shawn Dowling, Health Care for Homeless Veterans Coordinator of The Veteran's Administration of Ann Arbor

Washtenaw County Board Chair or designee 

Diane Heidt, County Administrator Designee

City of Ann Arbor Mayor or designee

Former Mayor John Hieftje

Washtenaw County Sheriff/Ann Arbor City Police or designee

Deputy Chief James Baird, Ann Arbor Police Department

WHA Board Members 

Carole McCabe, Director of Avalon Housing (Board Executive Committee Secretary)

Jean Carlberg, Community Member

Public Health Director or designee               

 Stephen Wade, Washtenaw County Health Plan Designee

OCED Director or designee               

Brett Lenart, Interim Director of Office of Washtenaw County’s Community and Economic Development

CSTS Director or designee 

Trish Cortes, Director of Community Treatment and Support Services (Board Executive Committee Co-Chair)

DHS Director or designee


Another Township or City Highest Elected Official or designee

Renee Smith, Board Chair of Ypsilanti Housing Commission

Substance Abuse Coordinating Agency Director or designee               

Marci Scalera, Director of Lenawee-Livingston-Washtenaw Substance Abuse Coordinating Agency

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