Funder's Forum

Funder's Forum Members

The committee consists of seven members from the following organizations: Department of Human Services (DHS), Washtenaw United Way, Washtenaw County Office of Community & Economic Development, Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation, WCHO, and the two Co-chairs of the Community Collaborative.  The Committee has one Chairperson that is appointed by the committee members.  


Funder's Forum Responsibilities

  • Coordinate and fund ongoing community needs assessments.
  • Review and act upon recommendations presented by the Coordinating Council focusing on systems change, improved community outcomes, and funding allocations.
  • Approve recommendations from the Coordinating Council on issues requiring CCWC support (i.e. letters of endorsement, competitive grants requests, etc.).
  • Manage the business operations of the Collaborative.
  • Serve as the liaison to the community and to the Community Success Planning Process.


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