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The Community Collaborative of Washtenaw County Supports a total of 15 different Initiatives and Coalitions that have been formed to enhance collaboration, integrate service delivery, and to support systems change around current and emerging issues which represent the greatest unmet Health and Human Services needs in Washtenaw County. 

Community Initiatives and Coalitions are collaborations that focus on a specific community issue that can lead to real system change.  They are long-term and seek a specific outcome related to an identified service gap or community indicator.  The Initiative and Coalition groups will carry out and accomplish much of the Collaborative work.  This will include:

  • Planning or implementing a system of care, develop a community plan or action plan for a target population.
  • Plan to meet a specific need in the community (substance abuse, homelessness, infant mortality, etc.) and / or develop community-wide initiatives.
  • Maintain the current quality and availability of critical services.

The Initiatives and Coalitions are focused on 5 areas.  They Include: (Click the name of the coalition to learn more)

Basic Needs:

Barrier Busters,  Food Security Initiative,  Blueprint for HomelessnessForeclosure Prevention Initiative

Individual and Community Health: 

Health Improvement PlanCoalition for Infant Mortality ReductionWashtenaw HIV / AIDS Coalition, Suicide Prevention Initiative

Intellectual and Social Development: 

Success by SixWashtenaw Area Teens for Tomorrow/ Youth Development Initiative, Youth Aging out Coalition,  Blueprint to end Illiteracy, Washtenaw Alliance for Children and Youth (WACY),


Michigan Prisoner Reentry Initiative, Child Protection Initiative, Human Services Emergency Response Network

Population Specific Programs:

Blueprint for Aging



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