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Community Collaborative of Washtenaw County


Who are we?

The Community Collaborative of Washtenaw County (CCWC) is a group of key community stakeholders representing government, human services, nonprofits, and community-based organizations addressing issues and implementing strategies to enhance the health and well-being of the Washtenaw County Community.  The CCWC is comprised of the Funder's Committee, the Coordinating Council, and the 17 Initiatives / Coalitions.  The CCWC is a group that works to identify gaps / barriers to service delivery.  The CCWC is not a service provider. If you are seeking human services please contact that agency directly. 

Primary Functions of the CCWC:

The Community Collaborative of Washtenaw County will focus on developing the following:

  • Community Needs Assessment: to identify current or emerging needs in our community.
  • 17 Initiatives/ Coalitions:  To identify current initiatives or support the development of new initiatives in our County which enhance collaboration, integrate service delivery, and support systems change around emerging issues which represent the greatest unmet health and human services needs in the County. 
  • Work Plans:  For an ongoing basis, review the results of the work plans for each Initiative / Coalition supported by the CCWC.
  • Gaps/ Barriers to Effective Service Delivery: To identify opportunities to change systems in order to reduce barriers and provide more efficient and effective
    service delivery to the community.  
  • Advocacy and Funding: Serve as a "voice" for the community in advocating for changes in how services are delivered and resources allocated to enhance community outcomes. 
  • Community-Wide Success Planning: Participate in the Community Success Planning process to develop a community-wide strategic plan to enhance the economic development, talent development, and quality of life in Washtenaw County.

Please visit the About the CCWC page to learn more about the CCWC.

CCWC Contact Information

Andrea Plevek

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