Become a Barrier Buster

Becoming a Barrier Busters Network Member can include access to the Barrier Busters Network Emergency Unmet Needs Fund as well as to the Barrier Busters Listserv.  The listserv includes over 300 front line staff and managers and serves as a powerful tool to ask for information on resources to better serve clients. 

To become a member, feel free to contact any of the Barrier Busters staff below.  All Barrier Busters Network members must adhere to the Barrier Busters Network Partnership Agreement.  This form must be submitted to the Office of Community and Economic Development.  Please note that this form has a checkbox for general membership and a checkbox for access to the BBEUNF.  Agencies desiring access to the BBEUNF must participate in a training. 


Kelly Stupple, Public Health Child Health Advocate - 734-544-3079 -

Morgan DeLeonard, SOS Community Services -

Sarah Thompson, Legal Services of South Central Michigan - 734-665-6181 x26 -


Michael King, Human Services Program Specialist - 734-544-3014 - 

Moonson Eninsche, Human Services Policy Specialist - 734-544-3006 -

Andrea Plevek, Human Services Manager - 734-544-3039 -


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