Emergency Repair Program

An emergency assistance program offered to owner occupied properties in participating jurisdictions of Washtenaw County.

This program offers funding for urgent repairs up to $5,000 as a grant or up to $10,000 as a deferred payment loan to low-income, owner-occupied households within the jurisdictions of the Urban County.  Emergency repair loans shall be in the form of a deferred, no interest loan that is forgiven at a rate of one-fifth per year for the five year period after project completion.

Emergency repair grants or loans may be made to pay for construction work to correct items that are determined by the Rehabilitation Specialist to be of an immediate nature.

This program includes emergency repairs in plumbing, electrical, roofing, and heating.  This program is not intended to address problems which would be considered normal home maintenance.

The OCED Emergency repair can currently assist eligible homeowners with urgent repairs related to furnaces, water heaters, roof replacements or sewer issues.

Emergency grants will be limited to a one-time assistance during a five-year period regardless of whether a grant or loan was received originally.

Please call 734-544-3008 for more information

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