Accessibility Ramp Program

11/03/17 ~ OCED staff are very close to being able to offer the Ramp program to eligible residents again. We may again begin taking applications for ramp assistance in January of 2018. Call 734-544-3008 for more information.

This program offers grants for the installation of exterior ramps to homes occupied by low income persons, in order to improve the accessibility of their home.  Manufactured homes are eligible for this program on a case-by-case basis.

The program provides the funding for the material and labor cost to install a ramp for homeowners throughout the jurisdictions of the Urban County.  Eligible homeowners' income must be below 80% of the Area Median Income.

All accessibility projects shall include a property lien.  The terms of the property lien for the Accessibility program shall indicate that the loan is to be forgiven provided that when the client no longer requires the use of a ramp that OCED has the discretion to reclaim the ramp for reuse in the OCED housing rehabilitation program.  If the household does not return the ramp to OCED then the cost of the ramp installation shall be repaid or collected upon sale, rental, refinance, or transfer of the property.  

OCED shall have the sole discretion to accept the equipment for reuse (OCED will evaluate the condition of the ramp, and arrange and pay for the used ramp to be removed and relocated), require repayment of lien amount, or waive repayment. 

Accessibility ramp grants will be limited to a one-time assistance per dwelling during a five-year period.

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