Homeowner Covenant Units

Some units in the City of Ann Arbor have covenants, or deed restrictions, requiring them to main affordable over a period of time. Below is information about the units, their locations, requirements, applications and other materials.

How the Covenant Units Work

A covenant agreement was placed on property with the City of Ann Arbor during the development process. The purpose of the covenant agreement is to preserve affordability within the City of Ann Arbor. These units are considered "affordable units" as the unit sale price is listed at a lower price than the market rate.

What Covenant Units are Available?

Where are they Located?

Northside Glen Condominiums

  • Popular Northside Ann Arbor Condo
  • S. Knightbridge, Ann Arbor, MI  48105
northside glen.png

Ashley Mews

  • Downtown Ann Arbor Brownstone and Loft Condo Living
  • 564 S. Main Street, Ann Arbor MI  48104
ashley mews.png

Stone School Townhomes

  • Stone School Road Between I-94 and Ellsworth
  • Stone School Circle, Ann Arbor MI  48108
stone school.png

What are the General Requirements?

The homebuyer must meet all of the following guidelines:

  • Income does not exceed the Area Median Income for the unit the homebuyer is purchasing (see limits)
  • Must be pre-approved for a mortgage
  • A Conflict of Interest cannot exist which has a connection to the decision regarding funding and allocation for our department program
  • Must be the homeowner(s) primary residence as indicated on the homestead property affidavit. Homestead status is verified annually
  • Report all income and assets. Our office does not recertify the homebuyer’s income and assets annually, only during the initial process);
      • Affordability: The information is reviewed to determine the homebuyer meets the income qualification and can “afford” the unit. The homebuyer must be able to pay for the mortgage, taxes, insurance, condo association fees and current debt without exceeding our ratios.
      • The Housing Guidelines state the front end ratio cannot exceed 32% and the back end ratio cannot excel 42% for all condo purchases

Applying for a Covenant Unit

    The homebuyer submits an offer to purchase the unit to the seller’s agent.  In addition, the homebuyer must submit the following to our office:

    • Homebuyer application packet
    • Conflict of Interest Form
    • Copy of signed/executed purchase agreement
    • Copy of the loan application and pre-approval letter
    • Six Weeks of consecutive pay stubs
    • Copy of previous year income tax return, with W-2’s

    What does a Covenant Deed Restriction Look Like?

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