Affordable Housing

czb consultants conducted interviews, surveys, and extensive data analysis

In 2014 OCED began the process for updating the county-wide affordable needs assessment. The previous one was completed in 2007, before the housing boom, bust and recovery, resulting in the Housing Affordability and Economic Equity Analysis.

Housing Affordability and Economic Equity Analysis

What is Affordable Housing?

Affordable Housing is considered to be housing for an individual or family that costs less than 30% of the annual household income.

Why do we need it?

The recent Housing Affordability and Economic Equity Analysis for Washtenaw County (2015) notes that Ann Arbor housing costs are expected to increase, making the area of the county with the most jobs, educational opportunities and amenities unaffordable and unavailable to a majority of the county's population. As a result, lower income residents move to more affordable areas like Ypsilanti and Ypsilanti Township.  In the case of low-income renters or owners, that results in a concentration of poverty in several neighborhoods in these communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Infographic -What is Affordable in Washtenaw County?

What's next?

The plan has been adopted by all the jurisdictions in the urban area of the county:

  • City of Ann Arbor
  • City of Ypsilanti
  • Ypsilanti Township
  • Pittsfield Township
  • Ann Arbor DDA

Building off this momentum, a regional leadership group was convened in summer 2015 to begin the challenging work of prioritizing and implementing the recommendations from the study.

2016 Workplan
2015 Annual Report

Want more information?

Contact Teresa Gillotti at or 734-544-3042.

Past Presentations

April 2015 presentation - Michigan Association of Planning Spring Institute

October presentation - czb consultants presented to the public at the Conversation on Affordability in October of 2014.

Previous report (2007)

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