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Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH)

The Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) is a locally-driven assessment of access to fair housing and community assets. It is also a tool for local governments to address and reduce residential segregation and areas of concentrated poverty.


In collaboration with the Ann Arbor Housing Commission, the Washtenaw Urban County plans to make recommendations that will focus on undoing historically biased and exclusionary policies, improving access to opportunity (i.e. schools, quality housing, jobs and transportation), addressing issues in areas that are identified as racially or ethnically concentrated areas of poverty, and tracking potential displacement.



Community Involvement

Neighborhood Profiles

City of Ann Arbor:

City of Ypsilanti:

Pittsfield Township:

Northfield Township:

Ypsilanti Township: 

The AFFH effort sets itself apart from other fair housing assessments as it encourages community engagement and input to help drive actionable recommendations to increase access to opportunity and reduce historical policies of segregation. OCED plans to engage communities through focus groups and surveys.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are a way for OCED staff  to hear and learn from residents about their housing and neighborhood experience. See below for focus group summaries:

    Washtenaw County Housing and Neighborhood Survey

    In addition to focus groups, the OCED created a survey to hear from those who we are unable to reach in person. Click here for a report of the survey results.

    The Assessment of Fair Housing Plan

    The Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH) Plan includes findings from HUD-provided data, responses from the survey and focus groups, and other contextual and historical information.

    See below for the final version of the AFH Plan, submitted to and approved by HUD:

    2017 Washtenaw County AFH Plan

    AFH Plan Appendix

    AFH Goals

    Looking for a specific chapter? Here are the each of the sections:


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