Test and Tune FAQs

1) What are the income guidelines for the test and tune program?

Income eligibility is based on the 80% AMI (area median income) level for Washtenaw County. The income levels based on household size are listed here:

Household size Annual income
1 $46,000
2 $52,600
3 $59,150
4 $65,700
5 $71,000
6 $76,250
7 $81,500
8 $86,750


2) How can I automatically qualify for the program?

If the applicant is eligible for any of the following assistance programs, then they also qualify for the test and tune program (if documentation that shows this is included in application documents):

  • DHS (Department of Human Services)
  • SER (State Emergency Relief)
  • SDA (State Disability Assistance)
  • LIHEAP (Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program)
  • SSI (Supplemental Security Income)
  • TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)
  • WIC (Women, Infants and Children)
  • WAP (Weatherization Assistance Program
  • FAP (Food Assistance Program)
  • THAW (The Heat and Warmth Fund)

3) What if my furnace was test and tuned last year?

We will only provide a test and tune for your furnace if it has not been tuned up in the last five years.

4) Who will come to my house to perform the test and tune?

We will assign a mechanical contractor to perform the test and tune. These contractors have all been through a strict screening process and have all the necessary training and certifications to perform this work.

5) What other work can you do on my house? Can you replace my roof or add insulation?

Along with the test and tune program, we also run the Weatherization program and the Housing Rehabilitation program. Through weatherization we can provide insulation, air sealing, and other measures that make your home more energy efficient. The rehab program offers some roof replacements and emergency furnace replacements.

6) Do you perform work on mobile homes? What about condos and apartments?

We do perform test and tunes for mobile homes. Some restrictions apply for attached housing such as condos and apartments, but if the home has a separate entrance and is metered separately, it may qualify for the program.

7) Do you need to be a homeowner to apply, or can renters also apply?

If you are a renter, we just need the completed Landlord Agreement (located on the main page) before we can complete work on the home.

8) What information do you need to provide when applying?

In order to determine eligibility the applicant must fill out a complete application. They also need to provide:

  • Income documentation for everyone over age 18 in the household:
    • Pay stubs for the previous 3 months
    • Social security or other benefit letters that show payment amount per month
    • Letter from employer detailing income information
  • Proof of home ownership:
    • Copy of deed, title, or tax bill
    • Title only for mobile homes
  • Recent DTE utility bill
  • If applicant is a renter, must have landlord sign the landlord agreement
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