The HistWeb Story

The HistWeb Story

HistWeb is a federally funded project made possible by a partnership between the Washtenaw County Historic District Commission (WCHDC) and the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO).  Since its inception in 2002, the HistWeb project has focused on the historic and architectural resources of Washtenaw County through a multi-phased approach. It has been partially funded by grants provided by the State Historic Preservation Office's CLG grant program. Phase I included incorporating data from previously existing historic resource surveys into a database and accompanying web page "HistWeb." Specifically, ten existing surveys of historic resources in Washtenaw County were digitized and made available to the public through our HDC/GIS website. HistWeb Phase I received a 2004 Government/Institution Award for Contribution to Historic Preservation in Michigan from the Michigan Historic Preservation Network.

Subsequent phases included conducting field survey work in an area not previously documented, and adding additional historic resource survey information to the website from areas most at risk or most likely to yield eligible resources; and a collaboration between a local unit of government (Village of Manchester) and the Washtenaw County Historic Preservation Program to assist the local unit in the establishment a local historic district. Data from the latter project was also added to the website.

A pervasive element throughout each phase of the Washtenaw County's "HistWeb" project has been a large-scale effort to place all information related to Washtenaw County's specific historic resources on the County's web page. The purpose is to make the information available to all, including those who may need it for planning, preservation, and other decision-making purposes. This website, in conjunction with the "Histweb" GIS-based database, makes use of this existing body of data in an informative, user-friendly way.  It is hoped that the materials will increase your awareness and appreciation of the County's historic and architectural resources.

--Melissa Milton-Pung, Current Project Manager


Thank you to the many people involved in creating HistWeb

Project Coordinator: Marnie Paulus 
GIS Coordinator: Kim Wraight 
ITS Programmer: Jack Overhiser
SHPO Partners: Teresa Goforth, Ted Grevstad-Nordbrock
Historic Preservation Specialists: Kathy Holtz, Anne Kreykes
County Historic Preservation Planner: Marnie Paulus
GIS Consultants: Keith Croteau, Jim Bennett
WCHDC Consultants: Marshall McLennan, Ted Ligibel, Mary Culver, Sally Bund and Ina Hanel
WCHDC Technicians: Anne Kreykes, Kathy Holtz, Michelle Cyrus and Barry Wauldron
ITS Consultants: Jim Burkey, Sheryl Stefanski, Shawn Stemen, Yang Meng, Nancy Pearlman, Marian Thurman, David Mote, Lois Merit
Web Content Coordinator: Charley Wolfe
Volunteers: Bob Kellum, Don Riddering, Jasper Pennington, Janet Cowling, Kathy Duquette, Karl Williams, Louisa Pieper, Marsha Ticknor
GIS Interns: Nate Arnold, Josh Goldstein, Todd Bootz, Patty Fries

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