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To enhance the vitality of Washtenaw County by developing opportunities for all residents to choose living wage employment, quality housing, stable neighborhoods, and community resources.

To support and strengthen families, provide a healthy foundation for children, improve individual self-worth, stabilize our neighborhoods by keeping homes occupied with residents,  and support our local economy – contributing to a quality that attracts and maintains a vibrant populace.



Mary Jo Callan, Director
(734) 622-9005 callanm@ewashtenaw.org


Housing & Community Infrastructure

Brett Lenart, Interim Deputy Director
(734) 622-9006   lenartb@ewashtenaw.org

Aaron Kraft, Housing Program Supervisor
(734) 222-6848   krafta@ewashtenaw.org

Darnishous Ingram, Intake Coordinator
(734) 622-9036   ingramd@ewashtenaw.org

Michael Lemieux, Rehab & Weatherization Specialist
(734) 222-3732    lemieuxm@ewashtenaw.org

Terry Brinkman, Data Specialist
(734) 622-9021   brinkmat@ewashtenaw.org

Mirada Jenkins, Community Development Specialist
(734) 622-9019   jenkinsmc@ewashtenaw.org

Katie Bennet, Community Development Specialist
(734) 622-9018, bennettk@ewashtenaw.org   

Nathan Voght, Economic Development Specialist
(734) 222-3860   voghtn@ewashtenaw.org

Stephen Wade, Management Analyst - Community Challenge Planning Grant
(734) 222-9598 wades@ewashtenaw.org



Economic & Workforce Development

Shamar Herron, Workforce Development Manager
(734) 222-6799   herrons@ewashtenaw.org

Rana Al-Igoe, Workforce Development Policy & Operations Officer
(734) 222-6561   aligoer@ewashtenaw.org  

Johnny Epps, Workforce Development One-Stop Coordinator
(734) 714-9825   eppsj@ewashtenaw.org

Tyne Lucas, Workforce Development One-Stop Coordinator
(734) 544-6755   lucastt@ewashtenaw.org  

Elke Tucker, MIS Technician
(734) 222-6565   tuckere@ewashtenaw.org

Anthony VanDerworp, Economic Development Officer
(734) 222-6888   vanderworpa@ewashtenaw.org

Melissa Milton-Pung, Economic Development Specialist
(734) 222-6878   miltonpungm@ewashtenaw.org


Human Services

Andrea Plevek, Human Services Manager
(734) 622-9007   pleveka@ewashtenaw.org

Laura Urteaga-Fuentes, Human Services Policy Specialist
(734) 222-6586   urteagal@ewashtenaw.org 

Moonson Eninsche, Human Services Policy Specialist
(734) 222-3782   eninsche@ewashtenaw.org

Lotus Yu, Human Services Program Specialist
(734) 222-3779   yulotus@ewashtenaw.org

Michael King, Human Services Program Specialist
(734) 222-3786,   kingme@ewashtenaw.org 

Cresha Reid, Foster Grandparent Program Supervisor
(734) 222-3767   reidc@ewashtenaw.org  

Joanna Rosene-Mirvis, Human Service Assistant
(734) 622-9042  rosenemirvis@ewashtenaw.org

Joshua Bryant, Local Food Specialist AmeriCorps *VISTA via Growing Hope
(734) 622-3794 bryantj@ewashtenaw.org

Mercedes Brown, Human Services Management Analyst II
(734)622-9046 brownmer@ewashtenaw.org

Karolina Trzcinka, Human Services Intern
(734) 622-6521 trzcinkak@ewashtenaw.org


Finance & Operations

Susan Shipley, Accountant & Operations Supervisor
(734) 622-9012    shipleys@ewashtenaw.org

Debra Truhn, Senior Fiscal Assistant
(734) 222-3739   truhnd@ewashtenaw.org

Matthew Williams, Administrative Associate
(734) 622-9039   williamsm@ewashtenaw.org  

Olivia McMahan, Finance & Operations  Temporary
(734) 622-9025  mcmahano@ewashtenaw.org




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