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Performance Improvement

The Community Mental Health Partnership of Southeastern Michigan (CMHPSM) is committed to ensuring that the processes and services used to deliver care to the consumers we serve is of the most exceptional quality.  In an effort to do that, the CMHPSM has created an affiliation performance improvement system that monitors all areas of operation and addresses items of significance and celebrates successes as an affiliation.  We believe that we are better together and can be more creative from learning from each other than if each county individually addressed improvements.  

    • This system is lead by the CMHPSM Performance Improvement Administrator in conjunction with the PI liaisons from each county. 
    • Performance Improvement efforts are managed through the Clinical Performance Team that is made up of the chair persons from the various standing PI committees, consumers, direct line staff and providers. 
    • For information please contact Mike Harding at or call (734)544-6818.

The following manual is a guide for each Affiliate within the CMHPSM  and committees/workgroups to use in implementation of performance improvement processes.

The CMHPSM has conducted environmental scans, hosted focus groups with consumers, families, providers and other stakeholders to receive feedback about the affiliation\\'s culture, services and future direction. 

    • A group of affiliation staff has examined the feedback, met with appropriate affiliate and provider staff to formulate recommendations of QI Plans for the CMHPSM for the next five year.
    • Details are outlined in the Application for Renewal and Recommitment (ARR) project.


Updated on 9/23/09


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