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Projects, Committees & Workgroups

Pretrial Services - CJCC Pretrial Services Committee's meetings to establish a Pretrial Services Unit in Washtenaw County


Information Sharing and Integration - CJCC Information Sharing and Integration Committee's meetings to produce monthly reports on trends in Washtenaw County's criminal justice system and to address the integration of the criminal justice system's data systems


Inmate Reintegration - CJCC Inmate Reintegration Subcommittee's meetings to address inmate reintegration issues in Washtenaw County


Addressing Public Safety Through Alleviating Jail Overcrowding - Information regarding the CJCC's efforts to address the problem of jail overcrowding in Washtenaw County


  • Space Needs - Information on the proposal to address severe overcrowding at the Washtenaw County Jail and security deficiencies at the 14A District Court

  • Mental Health Diversion - Mental Health Diversion recommendations developed by the CJCC Mental Health Diversion Subcommittee
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